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Triumph of the Spirit

Ever since the dawn of time...
Mankind has grieved at the loss of a loved one.
Death seeks to end all things, but love is not undone.
Death claws at our hearts on the wings of the night...
It's cloak blocks out the sun.
But when the last breath is taken, God reminds us all...
That the body returns to dust from whence it came,
The soul ascends to heaven in the bosom of angels...
But the spirit is yours to keep until the end of time.

By VM Pollard, Founder ©1997.

When my brother died, it exposed me to what I believe is the greatest pain that has ever pierced the human heart. My brother and I were so close that we often answered each other’s questions before the question was asked. After he died, I looked for something that I could hold on to in an irrational attempt to be close to him. I wore his belt until it was un-wearable and one of his old bow ties until it frayed beyond recognition. I so desperately wanted something that i could wear as a quiet memorial to my brother. 

Since I believe with all my heart, that the spirit never dies and that my brother’s spirit lives on in my heart, I decided to have something designed that would symbolize the “Triumph of the Spirit” Something that would be as special as the love it is intended to symbolize. After reviewing a countless number of designs, I decided to randomly ask people of various faiths to select the design that they felt best symbolize the “Triumph of the spirit".

After several months the decision was easy. Ninety percent of the people randomly selected chose “THE QUIET REMEMBRANCE” design as their first choice and for those who did not choose it as their first choice, it was their second choice from the final twenty five designs. My search was ended, and so I named the piece, “Quiet Remembrance” It is intended to be the wearers own “Quiet” way to memorialize the loss of someone who has left a hole in their heart that not even time will heal. Because of it special design and purpose, I was able to secure a United States Patent on the design, so that it would always be as special as the relationship it was intended to symbolize. 

It is my hope that this wearable symbol will give you a warm sense of connectedness and something you can occasionally touch as a “quiet” way to affirm that the spirit of your loved one lives on in your heart.



VM Pollard
Founder of Quiet Remembrance

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